Puppy Chronicles – Muddy paws

Sally walks in sporting muddy paws and a twitching nose after some furious digging in the garden. Sometime later we follow her to her digging spot and watch as she resumes her eager digging. The moment we draw closer to her, she dashes off to an over-turned flower pot near by. She brings the lump of soil with tangled roots sticking out, from the pot and drops it into the hole before shooting off to return with a forked stick and places it over the almost covered hole.


A moment later she settles down next to it and lazily moves the stick and the soil lump to reveal her handiwork or rather paw-work.

My eight-year-old remarks excitedly, “Mom, just look at her! She is going to dig all the way to the core of the earth!”

At the current rate of digging and the mysterious way she seems to be covering up the hole, appears like she is definitely up to something…wouldn’t you say so?



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