Happy Women’s Day!

This Woman’s Day let us celebrate the feminine energy within and support and uplift each other.
Let us bask in the charm of the present moment, revel in the glory of all our achievements till date and fuel our minds with positive vibrations to follow our passion and realize our future vision.
Let us strive to be an epitome of power, beauty, strength and happiness.
The kind of beauty that does not shy away from embracing flaws and glows from within with self-acceptance, positive affirmations and compassion and kindness towards all beings.
Strength that lies in pursuing our dreams to make them a reality, rising up to meet challenges and fears head-on, believing in self and tiding over the difficult phases of life with resilience and hope, keeping our moral compasses intact.
Power that comes from leading by example to inspire others to keep striving to be better versions of themselves, standing up for what we believe in but staying away from ego-driven arguments and negativity that just sap the energy and time and instead engage in result-driven discussions and brainstorming.
Take control of our happiness so that it is not dependent on an external source but generated from within.




© 2018 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

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