Visit to a bookstore!

The longing to shop at Blossoms Bookstore had been growing slowly and surely, fueled by every post I read about someone’s momentous visit to the legendary bookstore, accompanied by eye-popping, heart-stopping pictures of mesmerizing books. But it was a simmering desire I tried not to ponder over much, given the fact that I stay far-away, tucked away in an inconspicuous corner of the city with all my days tightly woven into a hectic schedule revolving around my family, writing, publishing consultancy, amateur photography, volunteering and of course my cats, crows, squirrels and other flora and fauna surrounding me. Finally when an unexpected opportunity presented itself, I seized it with a gusto and in I walked into a wonderland of books. Lost I was as I browsed the aisles overflowing with books of every kind. But my joy quickly gave way to a hint of dismay when my mind just went blank as I faced the deluge of books. Probably the intense excitement and knowing that I was hard-pressed for time, got to me. I frantically tried to access my To-Be-Read list on the cloud but my internet signal was way too weak. But then the books…the books found me. My eyes feverishly scanned the various titles and swept over the lines as I flipped through the pages of books that drew me in, as if in a dream.
The trance lasted a good couple of hours till my daughter stepped out of hers and dragged me out of mine leading us both to the billing counter with two trolleys filled with books…one with a decent collection of her chosen books too.
Though I had to drop off several marvelous books we had in our shopping trolleys, given my author’s humble reading budget (I try to religiously stick to) it didn’t lessen the impact or the magic. Universe certainly does conspire to make dreams come true! Here’s a pic of mine too…boasting my modest selection of books. Seven is a magic number! My daughters’ books are not included in the pic 

This can seem like an exaggeration of a common experience depending on the phase of life one is in… But for someone like me who is a frequent online shopper of books and who hasn’t visited a bookstore such as this in ages, this is nothing short of a sensational experience worth writing about and committing to memory. Nothing can beat the multi-sensory indulgence of shopping in a well-stocked bookstore, isn’t it!?

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