Lorkum’s Quest by A. R. Sara – Book Review

A respected reviewer, blogger and connoisseur of books reviews Lorkum’s Quest. So thrilled and delighted!

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I read A. R. Sara’s blogs regularly. I might not always comment on them but I do read and wonder how beautifully she weaves her stories around mundane observations. A cat and a dog. A crow. A sparrow. The language and the sequences are imaginative most of the times and they make for a very entertaining read. I downloaded a few of her Kindle books and loved a story called “A Crooked Crow” in it. She has written it in a sing-song pattern and has told the entire story through verses. It is intriguing how she managed to bring it all so wonderfully out without once leaving the rhymes. I did not get time to write a review then. But then after a long stretch, I finished reading another of her self-published books “Lorkum’s quest” yesterday. And boy, the woman keeps pushing her boundaries, or what?
Just a little background.

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