Books for all ages!

A heartwarming pic sent to me by a young-at-heart fan of A.R. Sara books. She was thrilled to find the books at Crosswords Bookstore, Bangalore.IMG-20180105-WA0088 The delightful expression on her face as she reads “Nutcat the wise” speaks for itself!

Goes to prove A.R. Sara books are for the young, old and the ageless!

Feel free to write in and send your pics with your copy/copies of A.R.Sara story book/s and favorite lines if any from the books, to to be featured here! 🙂

The books are available globally in Print and Kindle versions incase you are wondering… Here’s where you can find them on Amazon —–

Ofcourse the print versions are available on other online retailer sites too…just google for A.R. Sara books along with the book title you are looking for.








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