An ode to a stray cat

The woods resound with a soul piercing wail!
A stray dog is mercilessly on her tail,
Nothing much could any one do.
Hopeless shrugs and eyes filled with nameless rue.
The air is crackling with unease…
All hopes to see her whole again, slowly cease.
Hesitantly I make my way towards her still form…
Flies buzz around the remains…no more warm.
A mere glance and all thoughts cloud over
Constricting pain…my insides are on fire!
It is indeed her,
My friend, the daily visitor.
No glory in the pain she would have had to endure.
Her longing cries for food we shall no longer hear.
I stare at her daily haunt next to the door…
Bread and cream…her joyous fare!
Lie untouched…now that she is beyond care
Other visitors too showered their last respects, I did hear
The many other beings that had also held her so dear
A striking looking snake in somber black paid tribute as she lay unmoving
Her shimmering green eyes half shut now…unseeing,
A flock of crows and eagles circled in reverence over what was left of her,
Squirrels wandered close for a last lingering look at her golden peach fur.
Oh… How she had lit up the air with her mere presence!
Beseeching the forces to watch over her other little siblings, in her glaring absence,
My mind sends up a silent appeal.
Some strength for her family to deal with this devastating ordeal.
I hope she has moved on to a better life,
Away from all the pain and strife.
I let myself detach from it all,
I go about the rest of my day till nightfall.
The next morning I open the door,
The breeze sweeps past me with a deafening roar
I miss her warm and trusting gaze,
Her confident gait and natural feline grace.
My eyes wander over some dried crumbs left over from her last meal.
I force myself not to strongly feel.
I crave her company as I slide down by the door with a cup of tea,
That is when I slowly begin to see,
The trail of translucent white petals leading up to her regular resting spot,
Sprinkled in a seemingly haphazard pattern, resembling her form a lot.
My breath catches as I sense her softly swirl around me settling in my thoughts
And I know then…it is all just a matter of connecting life’s dots,
To form a quilt of lingering memories to hold dear,
Though she has drifted so far, yet she remains near…

Copyright © 2017 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

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