The magic feather – 8

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

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“The chief is back.” Eguru raised itself to its full height and looked skywards as if expecting to spot the majestic eagle any moment. A shadow swept over the thick patch of grass, making Croja the crow abruptly whip up its head to follow Eguru’s gaze. It was just a cloud slowly making its way across the azure sky. Croja relaxed.
“Chief Gerandu! The leader among all Haast eagles?” Its voice held a note of incredulity and its eyes widened, as it quizzed Eguru.
“No other!” Eguru’s eyes gleamed.
“The prophecy…” Croja’s head began to spin as the vague and old prophecy resurfaced in its memory. The one it had heard from its elder several years ago. Its eyes glazed as it attempted to visualize the majestic Haast eagle in all its glory and strength. Its imposing size, formidable wingspan and a massive vulture like bill enough to strike terror in the hearts of lesser beings. But it’s imagination failed to conjure up an accurate image of the legendary eagle.

“Yes!” The egret’s voice cut into its reverie.
The three younger crows, Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo, who had been following the exchanges with growing amazement could not hold back their questions any longer.
“Tell us please, Croja the elder! What extinct eagle does this Eguru speak of?”
“In good time, my friends,” assured Croja waving a wing dismissively in their direction before turning to look intently at Eguru.
“Where are you from and who are you? Who are you really? How did you find us?” The elder crow fired questions rapidly.
“I come from far. I am but a messenger from Garalond. I found you as I knew I would. There are no coincidences,” asserted Eguru calmly.
Before Croja could respond Eguru began to shiver. The crows watched perplexed as the shivering increased and soon Eguru was shaking uncontrollably. The shaking intensified till its form became a blur.


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