The magic feather – 7

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

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The wind had died down. Not a blade of grass moved. The silence was thick and deafening. All the birds glanced at each other before turning their attention to the feather that lay innocuously on the bed of grass.
“An eagle’s feather!” whispered Croja in awe, its voice slicing through the veil of uneasy calm.
“Not just any eagle,” added Eguru its voice level.
“The one and only,” Croja eyes held amazement tinted with a twinge of uncertainty. Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo gawked at the feather.
“The true king of the skies. The Haast eagle.” declared Eguru with a flourish, making a grand sweeping gesture with its wings.

Sharp intakes of breath followed, as the crows unsteadily swayed on their feet hearing Eguru’s words.
“Where did you acquire it and how?” Croja’s question held reverence and mild impatience.
“That is immaterial don’t you think!,” pat came the Egret’s response.
“I disagree. It is of great significance.” Croja’s eyes narrowed and its voice went up by a few decibels.
“That eagle is extinct. The one that kept all other animals in check. Including the humans. But now you bring us a feather.” frowned Croja, shifting its gaze to stare at the feather as if hypnotized.
Eguru smiled mysteriously.


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