The magic feather – 6

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

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The largest and the oldest among the four crows stood watching the proceedings intently. Silence hung in the air heavily. The three crows now turned towards their elder expectantly with self-assured smiles. They waited for the elderly crow to join them in berating the egret on its idea and its choice of a gift.
“Croja! Why are you so silent?” prompted the first crow, giving the eldest crow a quizzical look.
But Croja the crow did not respond. It wore a serious expression as it focused on the sharp and distinct patterns on the feather.
“Are you sure, egret?” asked Croja the elder, addressing the egret.
“I am Eguru, Croja,” said Eguru as if it had not heard the crow’s question.
“You are concerned about formalities!?” remarked Croja with an exasperated sigh. “Eguru, is this what I think it is? Or are you pulling a fast one on us?” asked Croja, impatience lining its voice.

“What is going on here?” cawed the three other crows in unison, sounding petulant, as their gazes swung between Croja and Eguru. Mild anxiety and curiosity lined their words.
“Shoosh, my little friends! Hold your questions…Kajuko, Tracha and Minjo. Let Eguru explain!” Croja’s voice held steel. The three crows’ beaks hung open in shock.
“Yes, it is what you believe it is Croja,” replied Eguru calmly.
“And that would be…” muttered Kajuko the crow.
“I can hear you Kajuko…” admonished Croja pinning Kajuko with a stern look.
Kajuko the crow lapsed into immediate silence.

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