The magic feather – 5

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

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The Egret shook itself. A long feather dislodged from its wings and floated down to land on the grass.
The crows gathered around for a better look.                                                                         “Just a feather!” remarked the first crow in a dismissive tone.                                                    “An ordinary feather. This is the gift you planned to offer us…egret?!” asked the second crow with a skeptical glance.                                                                                                           “A little long perhaps… But not unusual. You must have cleverly folded it under your wings. Just goes to show you must be good at parlor tricks. But this is a plain old feather nevertheless,” added the third crow with a shrug.



The crows looked at the egret intently as they waited for a response.
“Call me Eguru, my new friends,” is all the the egret said, with a slight bow. It did not offer any more explanation as it stood upright again.



“After all that talk of a magic feather… Is this it? This just looks unremarkable. Silly egret!” clucked the third, shaking its head.
Eguru, the egret stood stoic and silent, its face expressionless.


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