The magic feather – 3

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

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“Hey! This is our feeding ground, intruder! How dare you trespass?!” cried the crow, interrupting the egret’s eating ritual.
“But I was hungry…so…I thought I could…maybe,” stammered the egret, with remorse.
“Thought! Thought what?” challenged the crow, haughtily.



Another crow and then another and…yet another descended swiftly on the grass, joining the growing commotion.  “Yes…thought what?” chorused the crows in a loud cackle.
The egret felt a shudder go through it. It was now surrounded by four noisy and angry crows.



“Thought this was an unclaimed area. I have been flying long and was hungry and tired. So I stopped when I saw this lovely place, for a quick bite and some rest, before I resumed my flight. Had I known that this area belonged to you, I would have offered you first my gift, before snacking,” offered the Egret gently.
“Gift! What gift?” The four crows demanded, suspicion evident in their voices.


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