The magic feather – 1

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

The lone egret had been flying long and far, across the vast expanse of the blue skies. It had crossed several cities, villages and forests. Now it flew over the city that was in its migratory path. It gingerly weaved its way across the scattered clouds taking care to avoid the swirling fumes of pollution rising from the city.
Hunger pangs were beginning to crawl inside its tummy.



That is when an inviting patch of green caught its keen eyes.
It was like an oasis in a desert filled with concrete, steel and smoke.



Without another thought, it swooped down and landed gently on the lush green grass. The soil under, was damp and rich and brimming with little insects. “Delicacies!” The word echoed in its mind. It clicked its beak. Its stomach rumbled anticipating the delicious morsels.
It licked its beak congratulating itself on following its sharp instincts.



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