On a reading journey

by RajaRajeshwari Arenga

A reading group that I recently joined has set me off on a path of discovering new books and reflecting on them. I owe a heartfelt thanks to my reading friends for creating an opportunity for this reading experience.
I have been making a conscious attempt to set aside some sacred time to read and contemplate. Juggling time with family priorities and my writing but felt compelled to share at least a glimpse or two of my thoughts on the books that managed to linger on.
I hope I am able to do so coherently as I continue on this wonderful journey.
I’ll be saving them all under the Book Review and analysis category.

All books are not made equal, though they are all meant to be read and experienced within.
Reading is a personal journey and your relationship with each book is sacred. Some books may evoke feelings and emotions that are indescribable and just cannot be articulated. While some might hover in the layer that separates the conscious from the sub-conscious, some just go on to become a part of you. Whereas some cajole you to share your thoughts with the world, some may prefer to rest, tucked away in an elusive corner in your mind. It is between the book, you and the phase of life you read it in, whether and what you decide to share.
Disclaimer: This thread is not applicable to kids, young adults, who have to write a book summary, review, literary analysis and the like for academic purposes. You may not refer to the statements made above, to get away from such assignments.