The one

All through your life, you wait
Hoping to meet that special someone…your mate
or for your significant other to reveal that spark within
your expectation is not clearcut perfection
That indeed is not what you fiercely crave
But just for that precious one who can bring out the perfection in you
Make your every moment truly deeply count
Take charge of your happiness and pain
Accept and embrace you as you are, over and over…again
Revel in your quirks and your flaws
Cherish and worship you for the divine inside
To say absolutely what you need to hear
Just the right thing at the precise time
Read your thoughts and grant your wishes
To raise you from the brink of despair
To keep you grounded and steady
When the wings of change threaten to sweep you away
To experience love that is truest of true…
After a long and intense wait it finally hits you
No warning or advance notice did you receive
To prepare yourself to meet the face behind that elusive voice
The one you have always been hearing
Nameless, faceless, the one that has followed you everywhere
You long for a glimpse of the person behind that seductive tone
One that has been haunting you in your dreams…
taunting, motivating, promising you love spanning light years and beyond
Then it strikes you like a shooting star
You feel electrified from head to toe
As you come to terms with being possessed by the one
The one you have been seeking all along
The realization rocks you to the core
You need not wander aimlessly any more
‘Cause you have always known that person
On many a occasions the one you did recklessly shun
In your ceaseless quest…your obsession
Oblivious to the one who trailed and guided you in solemn silence
Every day of your life, every single instance
Always on your side, this devoted friend
The wait has finally come to an end
And you are compelled to reach out to comprehend
You touch the reflection in the still lake
Shedding all that was meaningless and fake
Causing ripples of awareness to flow through
As you embrace the shadow so true
You can’t step away from its allure
A connection so simple and pure
With someone who has always been within reach
In your thoughts, dreams and actions…each
Now you know for sure, as that one comes into plain view
Yes…its always been YOU…the Divine YOU within YOU!


©2017 RajaRajeshwari N

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