Trail of a snail


Trail of a snail
A morning stroll in the vivid and lush park
On the glittering grass, my footsteps leaving an elusive mark
I longed to partake in nature’s creative spark
After a refreshing summer drizzle
The crisp air crackling with a mild sizzle
Under a sky undecided between clouds and sunshine
A band of colors lending it a mystic charm so very fine
I ambled along the old path, my thoughts candidly flowing
The ground below bright and glowing
A stone of beige lay partly concealed
A casual glance…a movement revealed
Just in time, I skidded to a slippery stop
A snail with a fancy shell balanced on top
It surely could carry itself in style
As it navigated its way over a leafy pile
Its spiral house its only accessory
The destination it seeks still a mystery
It made its way across the uneven terrain
Discouraged not by sunshine or rain
I followed, enchanted by this quaint sight
A creature moving at ease…at a pace just right
Progressing faster than I believed it could
As it closed in on a flower, I guessed for food
Its complexion so strikingly pale
Its antennae quivering as it probed
Probably for nectar it thoroughly combed
Firm little footsteps draw closer
A shout of delight and a clap of hands
With a twirl and a spin, on her feet the child lands
“Oh! A precious and tiny snail for a pet”
“Let me grab it with a butterfly net”
“Then carry it in a bottle with a lid having a tiny hole”
“I can then play or watch it crawl or roll”
The snail goes still then stretches lean
Off it leaps into a bush not to be seen
“A leaping snail! what a grand surprise!”
“Hm…but now catching it does not feel so nice”
“Maybe I’ll let it go free after all!”
She sprints away holding her ragged doll
As the light sprinkle gives way to a steady rainfall

©2015 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

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