Shadow of words

On a day just like any other
A shadow of words swept past me like a mere touch of a feather
I was lounging and swaying in my easy chair
Not ready…my musings to share
My mind wandering across time and space
As my chair rocked to keep pace
My eyes fluttered unseeing
Reveling in this state of just being
Lulling me to a sleep like state
Unaware of an approaching fate
My comforting wheel of daydreams suddenly sputtered and stuck
That is when I was struck!
By a flurry of emotions
Each one weighty and equally keen
Requests really from many a thoughts unseen
My surroundings gradually blurred
And my focus drawn to a jumble of words needing to be heard
They approached with a plea
One so humble and true, as they faced me
“We have no where to go!”
“Yet we continue to grow”
“We wondered what to do?!”
“Then finally we were led to you”
In unison cried they
“Would you find us a place we can call our home” they meekly began to say
“A place of our very own to live and to play”
I regarded them carefully
To reject or to accept I did have a choice surely
Or so I did honestly believe
But that was just too naive
Before I could think further words tumbled from me
“Yes, I will” I heard myself voice in glee
Then another appeal from yet another
Soon I am swarmed from all over
By requests no less strange and no less real
I was overcome by an irrepressible feel
A floating cloud of ideas drew closer
As the last of my doubts started to cease
They whispered to me “Ground us please”
“We have had enough of this aimless flight”
“Help us now, help us to the ground alright”
“That is all we ask”
I considered long and hard, thinking “hmm…not an easy task”
Yet “Sure can and will” are the words that slipped out instead
And so I set to work before I could lose the thread
‘Cause a wish granted has to be wish delivered
No other way
No other say
So I anchored the ideas with words heavy and bright
Tying them up in a plot neat and tight
Infused them with a kind of strength that only a stroke of a key or a pen can lend
Concocting up what I believed to be a rare and fine blend
Stirring up a fabric so fluid
Attempting to lock-in that indescribable mood
As in awe I watched new worlds unfold
Drawing me irrevocably into their fold


©2016 RajaRajeshwari Nagasigamani

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