The Word Fairy

It was a fine winter morning
no sign at all of the sun today
not a bird hovering in the sky
just a misty haze and a chill in the air
as she sat in her grand garden
sipping her colorful broth
the liquid warmth seeping in
bleak frozen landscape all around her
her long black tresses neatly swept up
and the flowing dress sweeping the dull grass
her eyes glazed and unseeing
as she wills her pen to walk her thoughts
words appear on the large green leaf
a movement beside her makes her eyes go wide
her elegant fingers hold still
it is just squirrel her friend and messenger
he bounds up to her in a hurry
“there is someone here, someone you should see!”
she follows the furry animal’s gaze
and sees him again, the dark intruder
a frown and a shiver she does conquer
this has to stop…she tells herself
as she walks up to the hooded figure
he is a slash of black glowing in the fog
she raises her chin and faces him
“what now, creature of shadow and shades, what do you seek?” her eyebrows arch
The hood slips to reveal a wicked gleam in his eyes
“your words….so empty…” the creature’s voice is deep
with just a hint of pity lining it
“they carry no meaning…” relentless as it stresses
so grating on her nerves are those statements
“my words they have power” her tone is firm
yet a crease mars her fine brows
“power yes…yet no purpose” counters the creature grinning…

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2012/All rights reserved


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